Battlefield 4 premium passes 1.6 million subscribers

Over 1.6 million Battlefield 4 players have paid to upgrade to 'Premium' accounts, EA announced during a financials call on Tuesday.

Although EA didn't offer specific dates on which this number was reached, today's announcement marks almost exactly three months since Battlefield 4's debut on last-gen consoles and PC on October 29, and just over two months since its day-one launch on the Xbox One and PS4 consoles in November.


In comparison, Battlefield 3 launched in October 2011, and EA announced at the end of July 2012 - some nine months later - that BF3 Premium subscribers had hit 1.3 million. That number grew to 2 million by October 2012, and 3.5 million by may 2013.

Battlefield 4's Premium offering costs $49.99 on top of the $59.99 game price, and gets buyers access to five promised map packs (which started with the release of China Rising), early access to all said DLC, exclusive 'events' which typically include double-XP weekends, and bonus personalization gear.

EA also said during today's call that the next map pack is coming "soon", despite having put DLC development "on hold" while developer Dice rectified the game's many technical faults at launch.